Our approach here at Arbique & Ahde is to meet and get to know our clients personally. We want you to feel you are Jen’s or Mark’s client, not just a client of The Firm. At a little office like this, we can do that.

We take time to meet with you and to understand not only the particular legal issue at hand, but also the circumstances and context in which it exists, so you can be sure that our advice will be practical, cost-effective and tailored to those circumstances. We are proud that the vast majority of our clients are referred to us by existing clients and professional associates, and we are particularly gratified to see the ever-growing number of them who are the children and grandchildren of clients we have represented for years, who have long since graduated from “clients” to “friends.”

Our style is low-key and down to earth. The lawyers and staff at Arbique & Ahde are accessible, friendly and relaxed. We take your legal matters seriously, but ourselves – well, not so much.

To arrange a consultation, call 613-725-0303.